Tuesday, 17 November 2009


After seeing some work by a guy called Shaun Kuruneru, i thought id have a go at similar techniques, i loved his work...so you might say this is kinda 'Kuruneru Esq' colour pallet wise anyway////////

Friday, 6 November 2009

'Purple' shoot

,,,this shoot is very personal to me....Its one of the first I felt proud to stick my name next to.


The task was to collaborate with a designer and make a garment, style it and photograph it 'in one day'


For six months I gained experience at Boohoo.com. I was in the house Stylist, and worked alongside the Fashion Editor Samantha Bowman on a daily basis. Here are some shots taken from a shoot showing how versatile day wear can be, going through to evening wear.


Up and coming Northern designer SVE
These shots are taken from her lastest w/w collection, which i styled along side her.

'Tank' shoot

Continuing with the same Meme as the Arena Homme shoot, but produced for a different magazine,Tank.


These next set of images where based around the miss treatment of prisoners in Grub Gabib and how everyone is entitled to HUMAN RIGHTS!

'Without Purpose'

Just thought id update everyone with what i am up to. Had to produce a shoot based around things i wouldn't usually use. So i used girls...or a girl..went really well..i actually love all the shots!